Contact list and positions of Brawo Italy

Brawo Main Offices, Italy
Address: Via XXV Aprile, 36
Pian Camuno, BS
Italy 25050
Phone: +39 0364 591556
Fax: +39 0364 591407
Role Email Name and Surname



Giorgio Gnutti


Gabriele Gnutti

General Manager

Francesco Musig

Forging Plant Manager

Stefano Capponi

Machining Plant Manager

Danilo Migliorati

Quality Assurance Manager

Luciano Risi

Environmental Manager

Eugenio Delvecchio

Logistic Manager

Sara Puritani

Technical Manager

Mauro Pini
Purchase Manager Simone Tedeschi

Engineering Manager

Danilo Migliorati

Sales Manager Italy

Fabio Mezzoli

Sales Manager Europe, Asia

Fausto Biolchi

Sales Manager America

Mattia Prian

Sales Manager Automotive

Luca Gallus

Quality Control forging plant

Gianluca Cerutti

Quality Control machining plant

Cristian Corridori


Sara Merisio

Human Resources

Nicoletta Romele
Accounts receivable and payable Anna Pezzotti
Corporate tax and treasury Anna Pezzotti
Group controlling Manager Andrea Picinelli
Sales department Italy
Italy Sales – Mgr. Fabio Mezzoli
Customer Service
  Michela Spandre
  Deborah Bello
Export sales departments
America Sales – Mgr. Mattia Prian
Customer Service
  Savvoula Georgiadou
  Emanuela Fracassi
  Enrico Morandi
  Erica Tonsi
Europe, Asia Sales - Mgr. Fausto Biolchi 
German Customer Service    
  Teresina Genziani
  Rossella Forchini
  Elisa Frassi
France Customer Service       
  Graziella Mercanti
UK/Scandinavia/Middle and Far East Customer Service       
  Paola Galli
Sales Automotive
Sales Automotive - Mgr. Luca Gallus
Customer Service    
Anna Calzaferri
Giulia Conti