Chip removal machining

The machining department has access to more than 50 machining centers allowing us to select the most efficient machine specific to the component, ensuring optimal cost and best quality possible for each and every component.

Production machines

The wide range of equipment installed in BRAWO departments, enables BRAWO to choose the most optimal system, based on the customers’ requirements.
Using a high level of automation provides consistent quality standards, a high productivity rate and containment of production costs.

CNC Machining Centers and Lathes 
These machines can be easily tooled and are therefore suitable for the production of lower volume, complex products with high quality standards. 

Four Axis Flexible Cells 
These machines are particularly suitable for complex products with medium to high production volumes as they provide a higher productivity than provided by the CNC machining centers. 

Five Axis Flexible Cells 
Being equipped with the fifth axis and many advanced technological applications, these machines enable machining in a single operation of medium to high volumes and very complex products. 

Transfer Machines 
The transfer machines available at BRAWO are equipped with up to 12 stations and 41 tools, empowering the machining with high productivity of significant volumes of complex products. 
The presence of special devices such as rotating clamps, rotating fixtures, horizontal pivoting units, multiple spindle heads and small machining centers, makes it possible to machine products, whereas competitors would require a secondary set-up/machining operation, which sacrifices capability and cost.