Simulations and software

In recent years, BRAWO has acquired innovative software tools, to simulate the various manufacturing processes, such as forging, mechanical machining and dimensional inspection. By analyzing the simulation results, BRAWO’s technicians are able to identify and correct potential manufacturing problems before they arise. This results in a quicker, more predictive Time‐to‐Market.

In particular the preliminary simulation is an integral part of our process equipment design, having to cope with the increasing demands to manufacture hyper-complex parts. Through the simulation, the significant aspects which might affect the positive outcome of the production process are carefully analyzed. This enables the achievement of an optimal result with costs and times compatible with our customers’ expectations.

is used in the planning phase of the machining process, to prevent any possible adverse effects caused by deformations due to the positioning and clamping of the component. The mechanical stresses introduced by these deformations, are then simulated and analyzed in order to avoid possible risk situations.

By using MES software, it is possible to monitor and manage every aspect of production. In particular, through this software, BRAWO supervises in real time the productivity of our manufacturing processes managing the traceability of the product and of the tools and also organizes the maintenance and quality inspections.